Waist Trainer - Breathable Corrective Underwear

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Waist Trainer - Corrective Underwear

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Material: Polyester Blends, Polyester
Thickness: Thin & Breathable
Fabric Type: Broadcloth
Control Level: Firm to Medium
Hooks: 6 hooks
Steel boned corset: Yes

10 Day Intense Training Program:

For the first 3 days wear your corset for 2-4 hours per day. Wear the corset on the first set of clasps.

On Day 4:

Wear your shaper for 4 hours. Prepare to feel uncomfortable and restricted. Try and do some basic exercises, while wearing your waist shaper. Stretching, Yoga or Pilates will work well preparing your body and your corset for more exercising.

On Day 5:

Wear your waist shaper today for a maximum of 6 hours. Do the same exercises you did on day 4 and attempt some cardio for 10 minutes.

On Day 6:

Wear your waist shaper for a maximum of 8 hours today. If you have followed the above routine you will start seeing the difference in your eating habits. The tightening effect of the waist shaper has forced you to eat less at meal time.

On Day 7:

Today set your goal for 9 hours of wearing time and increase your cardio to 20 minutes. Please eat healthily and regularly. Listen to your body! If you cannot achieve the 20 minutes of cardio yet then keep at 10 or increase it incrementally every day by 5 minutes.

On Day 8:

Your waist shaper should be noticeably looser now and you can tighten the closures if your waist shaper is slipping and if you feel that you are able to go to the next level now.

Your goal is 10 hours today, this is the long-term goal to aim for when wearing a waist shaper.If you can wear your waist shaper for 10 hours per day, tightening it when you need to and following a healthy eating plan and exercise routine you will see phenomenal results.

On Day 9:

Wear your waist shaper for 10 hours and start gradually increasing your exercise routine with extra stretching and longer cardio with some strength exercises incorporated into your exercise session.

On Day 10:

You have reached Day 10 Well Done!

Remember a little extra every day will achieve results and if you can’t manage the program we have provided don’t just give up. Do it at your own pace, listen to your body and increase every positive action every day with a little more effort than the day before.

You will see results if you wear the waist shaper for longer periods of time even if it is a little loose, however, you will not necessarily achieve any results if you wear the waist shaper very tightly for shorter periods of time. 

There are no hard and fast rules on waist training, the more you wear it the faster you will see results.

It’s really that simple all you have to do is wear your waist shaper.

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5 star

Im loving it. Wear it for a few hours everyday and I see a difference after only 5 days.