WARRANTY - Professional Steam Hair Straightener


Under this limited warranty WOMENTAL SA will repair or replace (at WOMENTAL SA’s sole discretion) the tool if it is defective in workmanship or materials for 6 months from the date of purchase. Replacement fee for the Professional Steam Hair Straightener is R350 and includes shipping fees.


(1) Damage due to misuse or abuse, such as incorrect voltage supply, dropping, or neglect in safety precautions or foreign objects inside the Professional Steam Hair Straightener (this includes Argan Oils etc).

(2) damage due tampering, such as repair or attempted repair by an unauthorized party. Improper or incorrectly performed maintenance or repairs will void this warranty;

(3) any damage caused to property or persons, including any incidental or consequential damages.

(4) damage due to normal wear and tear, such as shorts in the power supply cord or plug.

It is important to read all the safety instructions before using your Professional Steam Hair Straightener and save them for future reference or new users. Remember this is an electrical device and the clamping plates are intended to reach very high temperature up to 450°F (230°C).

  • Keep this appliance out of reach of children
  • WARNING! To protect against electric shock, fill the water compartment first and ensure the tank is not leaking THEN plug it into the wall socket.
  • Do not use in a bathtub or in the shower. Do not place near sinks or baths or anywhere the unit may fall into liquid.
  • Never reach for any electrical appliance that has fallen into water. Switch off the power supply at the main breaker, then unplug. DO NOT attempt to re-use appliance if it has been submerged in water
  • Do not handle with wet hands. Insure that hands are dry before operating or adjusting any switch on the unit or touching the plug.
  • CAUTION! – Danger of burns. The ceramic plates become very hot during operation and will remain hot for some time after the unit is turned off. Burning can occur from touching heated unit parts. Use carefully and supervise others accordingly.
  • Do not place appliance near aerosol cans, spray products or other toiletries.
  • This styling iron is only for use on hair that is at least 90% dry. Allow hair to dry before using the appliance or use a blow dryer to dry hair.
  • Do not allow the hot plates to come in contact with carpets, other textiles, plastics or non-heat-proof surfaces while in use or while still hot after use. Also make sure that the hot plates do not come into contact with the electrical cord.
  • To avoid potential damage to property, never leave the appliance while it is turned on.
  • Unplug the appliance after use from the electrical socket. Even if the iron is switched off, the electrical current still reaches the device.
  • Always allow the device to cool before touching it or before storing (approximately 10 minutes).
  • Always inspect appliance before use; pay particular attention to the condition of the water tank, cord and the clamping plates. DO NOT USE with damaged water tank, cord, plug or clamping plates.
  • Do not use if the appliance has been dropped, left outdoors, submerged in water or if it is not working according to instructions.


  • When appliance is not in use, unplug it.
  • Allow the unit to completely cool down before storing.
  • Store in dry locations and away from children.
  • Do not wrap cord around the appliance.
  • Regularly check appliance for wear and damage, particularly to cord and plug.
  • WARNING! If any malfunction does occur, do not attempt to repair the appliance. Has no user-serviceable parts.