In short, the answer is YES, it is healthy, in fact, everyone who cares about their tresses should be steaming their hair. We went and did some research and this is why….

Firstly a bit of trivia…

Did you know that Professional Hair Dressers around the world are buying this Hair Steamer and offering their customers Steaming Treatments for their Hair?


What do you do when something is dry? You add moisture.

Why do we have dry damaged hair? Because we use products (chemicals) we colour excessively          ( more chemicals ) and we style, with more drying, damaging heat.

Just like your body needs moisture when it is dry, so does your hair and soaking it in a tub of water is not the solution.

Steaming your hair delivers moisture directly where it’s needed, restoring your colour  and vibrancy.

Steam, because of its smaller particle size will penetrate your hair in a way that leave-in-conditioners and other products cannot reach.

The hair/moisture relationship

It all has to do with the porosity of your hair. Hair has tiny openings, just as your skin has pores. The outer layer of your hair is called the cuticle. It is formed from numerous overlapping scales – kind of like fish scales.

Healthy hair has medium or low porosity – it retains moisture, so moisture cannot just enter your cuticles because there is already enough moisture in the hair shaft. Medium/low porosity hair is vibrant, with strong density.

When your hair has high porosity, moisture enters the hair shaft but passes out again very easily. This is what causes frizzy or limp hair.

The images below show the formation of the hair cuticles (scales) and indicates the difference between healthy and damaged hair.

This is a strand of hair with low porosity. The cuticles (scales) are wide open. Nutrients and moisture pass through and don’t stay. Toxins, excess heat, and other damaging chemicals are free to enter. Moisture that is critical for healthy hair is free to enter, but also free to leave – resulting in dry and brittle hair.



This is a healthy strand of hair, the cuticles ( scales ) are tightly woven together. This strand of hair has low or medium porosity. It keeps all the nutrients inside, and the toxins out.

A high porosity of your hair is usually caused by harsh treatments, relaxers, chemicals, environmental factors, even the food we eat with high levels of antibiotics in meat and dairy and chemicals on fruit and veggies affects our hair adversely.

Damaged hair acts like a sponge. It absorbs anything. That is why your hair gets frizzy on a rainy or humid day, it absorbs all the moisture in it’s environment.

Healthy hair is already so full of moisture and does not allow anything inside it’s tightly closed cuticles. Unhealthy hair lacks moisture so it gets limp and frizzy fast.

So why Steam hair?

Steam is comprised of many microscopic water particles. These particles enter hair with much greater ease than liquid water. If you’re in the shower, your hair is covered with liquid water, which not only has a harder time being absorbed into your hair but prevents steam from entering.

Steam generated in the shower is indirect steam, it’s not hot enough and is filled with impurities from your local water supply and the chemicals added to your daily water.

However,  if your hair is already damaged, has a high porosity level, it will not keep any moisture locked into the cuticles.

Steaming your hair causes the moisture vapour to enter your hair cuticles and locks them into place.


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